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Frequently Asked Questions.

1. How can I get listed on this site to sell my Self Published Book?

If you are interested please send us an email. We will get back to you with the details.

2. How much will it cost to list my new book on ths site?

No advance costs are incurred by you. You will be charged a percentage of your book sale price. At the present time we charge 10% of the sales price. The fee is collected from the site who makes the final collection.  i.e., Barnes&Noble,, etc.   No additional agreement is required by you, as our only purpose is to help create more sales for your book, by routing requests to wholesalers.

3. How will I be paid?

You will be paid through the agency who initially listed your book, according to the agreement you have with them..  i.e. Smashwords, Barnes& Noble, Amazon, etc...

4. How are my books shipped to customers?

At the present time our objective is only to to stimulate more eBook sales for your book through wholesalers such as Smashwords.  We so not make physical distribution of hard copies.

5. Will the rights to my book be affected?

No. We do not require an exclusive listing. You retain all copyrights and other legal control of your book. You may sell your book through any other source. You may take your book off our site at any time.

6. Will you change the listed price when the price of my book changes?

The author or agent must periodically check the accuracy of prices and other information for books listed on  Any changes, including price accuracy and updates will be made on this site only when the author or listing agent notifies Blingbooks by email.  Otherwise, Blingbooks assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of information listed.  If your books are sold by organizations such as Amazon, Kobo or others who price match the lowest sales price on the internet or in store, you should be fully aware of the terms of their agreements and keep Blingbooks informed as to the price you want placed on your books by us.  Most eBooks listed on this site are linked to other sellers who ship the books at prices on their sites, so the prices they list are what is paid for the book.     

7. Are all books under $5.00?

While we try to list only books under $5.00, authors frequently change their prices without notifying us.  Therefore, some books may show a price higher that $5.00.  If so they will be deleted as soon as we discover them.

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